Why You Should Try White Vein Kratom

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Saturday, April 23. 2016

Why You Should Try White Vein Kratom

white vein kratom

White vein is one of the “big three” varieties of kratom which grow naturally in areas such as Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam (Mekong river area). Although white veins typically don’t contain the same levels of 7-OHM as red veins, they have a variety of effects that certainly make up for it.

The Characteristics of White Veins

When comparing different vein types of kratom on a spectrum of sedation to stimulation, white would be on the far right, green in the middle, and red on the left. For this reason, white veins tend to be one of the most uplifting of all types of kratom, but typically last for a shorter period of time then red or green veins.

Many people have successfully substituted their morning cup of coffee for a white vein strain, and have seen even better results because of the smooth energy, focus that this strain variety provides, all without the shakiness and nastiness caffeine can cause at high dosages.


The primary hallmark of a white vein, as previously discussed, is smooth energy. There are, however, some other characteristics that make this strain worthwhile.

• Energy
• Uplifting
• Increased creativity
• Improved focus
• Increased mental endurance
• Motivation
• Some pain relief
• Some anxiety relief
• Anti-depressant effects

As you can see, all of these effects show how effective this type of kratom can be under the right circumstances. The increased creativity, focus, and mental endurance can be a huge asset when doing difficult work that requires full concentration, such as writing, coding, art, brainstorming, designing, archeticture, etc. The possibilities of improvement for this strain are nearly endless.

The anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and motivating effects of this strain are another spectrum of effects that make this variety of kratom so noteworthy. Many people I know use this strain for social anxiety, decrease apathy, to improve work ethic, and generally to improve their experience of day-to-day life.

Notes on White Veins

As with any unbiased review, there are some things that should be taken into consideration before deciding that white vein kratom is for you.

The first factor is that it typically doesn’t last as long as many other strains, typically 3 to 4 hours, as opposed to the standard 4-6 hours of red and green veins. Although this may not be a problem for most, some may not prefer it.

Another factor is that white vein strains are typically not the best choice for pain relief, as dually noted here. For chronic pain, you will want to use a red or green vein strain, as the pain relief tends to be more pronounced. However, for those who have mild pain and don’t want to sacrifice energy or motivation, white vein strains can be quite effective.

The bottom line is that every person has different needs for their kratom strains. Those who want good energy, focus, motivation, creativity and a general uplifting feeling may find white vein kratom to be their greatest ally. Those who need kratom for purposes such as pain may find this variety of kratom to be lacking. Every person needs to figure this out for themselves.
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